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Live On Purpose

Mar 11, 2022

100 episodes?! Holy fricken chicken noodle soup! THAT is a cool milestone! I am so honoured that you're here with me on this journey. And to celebrate 100 podcast conversations, I recorded a special chat for you about a really spiritual moment I experienced last weekend. It started with a major snowfall we got in my city. And ended with me laying on my back in the dark in the park, covered in snow.

You'll soon see what I'm talking about!

Want to help me celebrate the podcast hitting 100 conversations?! Could you take 1 minute and leave a fun review + 5 star rating on iTunes?? It would mean the world to me, as that allows more lovely people to find + listen to the podcast! Plus, I totally have words of affirmation as a love language and would really appreciate hearing from the wonderful people who enjoy my weekly musings!

I'm always in your corner,


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Woohoo! 100 Episodes! :)