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Live On Purpose

Mar 23, 2022

Every once in awhile, an email will come across my inbox that makes me stop and then makes me smile in deep appreciation.

The way Judy Machado connected with me was just like that.

I opened my email inbox to find the most genuine, thoughtful, loving message from this total stranger about how impactful my podcast is and how beautiful my mission of empowering women is. I was immediately drawn to this woman's kindness and then, when we got to dive into her zone of genius: sacred cacao, I was completely hooked.

Judy is the Author of Life Purpose Playbook and the Founder of Goddess Temple Cacao. She is an incredible teacher of this sacred plant medicine.

Entrepreneur, Coach & business owner, Judy was recently a Partner of a bean to bar chocolate company. She became infatuated with the spiritual history and significance of Cacao and whole heartily connected to the Spirit of this heart opening, Consciousness-raising plant medicine.

Over the years, she deepened her connection with the plant and began to experience a profound relationship with the Cacao higher Consciousness, receiving profound messages to share with the world.

Judy has been exponentially transformed through her profound relationship with Sacred Cacao. She's grateful and Honoured to share this powerful plant medicine with others.

And the best part? YOU CAN FEEL IT FROM HER when she speaks about it.

This is hands down one of my FAVOURITE conversations I've ever had the pleasure to record. I will personally revisit this one many times because of the wisdom that Judy shared within it.

"In order to evolve, you must experience love backwards - evol, love - we live in this duality. We've come here to experience the darkness so that we can remember our light."
- Judy Machado


We chatted about:

- The curious story that brought Judy to working with ceremonial cacao
- Master plants, Teacher plants and how Collective Consciousness works
- Theobroma, or "the food of Gods and Goddesses"
- Sacred relationships and what constitutes them
- Conditioning, limiting beliefs and ego stories vs. our true nature
- Plant medicines
- Her gorgeous morning routine
- An incredible story at the end of our chat that almost had me in tears