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Live On Purpose

May 11, 2022

If you're a woman and you've ever struggled with your health, cycle, mood, mind, allergies and stress, this conversation is for you.

Dr. Paria Vaziri is a Naturopathic Doctor located in San Diego with a focus in women's health & wellness.

We had an incredible conversation all about:

- hormone health
- gut health
- mental health
- the struggle with hormonal birth control
- anxiety, mould toxicity and the gut brain axis
- Dr. Paria's top 3 Lifestyle changes that make all the difference
- The seasons of supplements
- How to better support your liver
- Her personal morning routine
- and everything in between!

One thing I know for certain, "the power is within you", as Louise Hay would say.

If you find yourself inspired to action after listening to this conversation and you'd like some guidance on what implementing Dr. Paria's top 3 lifestyle changes actually looks like, you can fill out the form to join our 4 Week Flow group below.

Changing your relationship with food, supporting your circadian rhythm with sunlight and a morning journal practice, adding in quality movement and learning to take care of yourself are all beautiful practices and I'd love to support you in your journey towards healing.

If this episode speaks to you, don't hesitate to connect with either myself or Dr. Paria!

xo Marie

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