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Live On Purpose

May 18, 2022

If you've ever struggled with FOOD, disordered eating and/or your relationship with your BODY, this conversation is for you.

I KNOW this is going to be one you'll want to revisit. It was THAT good.

Nicole Alyssa is an associate marriage + family therapist as well as a food body recovery coach. Nicole weaves in her personal recovery story alongside her diverse training and education to create an impact for Women all over the globe. She bridges food body recovery with personal empowerment and spiritual discovery.

We had an incredible conversation all about:

- Nicole's experience with disordered eating, losing 140lbs and her spiritual awakening.
- Self Acceptance
- Food as a symbol
- Her top 3 tips to implement for a better relationship with Self
- Hunger as an invitation
- Nicole's favourite embodiment practices to get in tune with your body
- Her "Nourish Your Way In" Program
- Marie's top 3 grounding practices

And so much more!

"There's a part of you that is hungry." - Nicole Alyssa

If you find yourself inspired to action after listening to this conversation and you'd like some guidance, connect with Nicole and Marie using the links below.

Changing your relationship with food and your body are VITAL to your healing as a person.

Always in your corner,







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