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Live On Purpose

Jul 4, 2022

Oh my goodness, back to back incredible conversations with incredible women about Human Design. 

THIS was SUCH a FUN conversation.

Holly Maree just has a way about her that makes you feel safe and contented, even while discussing real life stuff. Plus, she's fricken funny.

She has SUCH a fascinating journey that she shares honestly and in this conversation, we dove into all things Human Design when it comes to honouring the strategy for your energy type, how to tell if you're in alignment or wildly out of alignment based on specific feelings. We also go deep into the topic of BUSINESS and how to spiritually align yourself so that you can experience more success and less efforting.

Holly Maree is a Spiritual Teacher activating people into success and breakthrough. She focuses on teaching a new narrative of success to those who want to succeed by creating their own rules. Her area of highly sought after speciality is in Human Design Manifestors.

Holly Maree is a Certified Trauma Informed Life and Success Coach and is also Certified in Human Design (the Human Design system, HD for business and HD for Quantum Manifestation), Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki 2, EFT and clinical Hypnotherapy.


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