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Live On Purpose

Jan 24, 2023

It's one thing to be mindful of who you are being and how you are acting when you're around other people. We do this naturally - usually from a place of self consciousness and often, insecurity. 

But, that's not what I'm interested in.

Anybody can put on a mask for other people.

The real question is: who are you being when NO ONE is watching?

Who are you being when no one is there to congratulate you, validate you, like or comment on your "stuff"?

Who is the person you are cultivating with your private thoughts and habits?

Only you get to decide that.

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Remind people that they are worthy of their own time and attention.

Do this by silent example, prioririting YOU with your time and attention.

When you practice taking care of you when no one is watching, you'll realize that you are the safe haven you've been searching for this whole time.

You'll develop regulation techniques and self trust and self love.

That's a really beautiful, emotionally responsible place to come from.

You're amazing.

I'm always in your corner,



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