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Live On Purpose

Sep 27, 2019

"I should go to sleep earlier"

"I should eat less sugar"

"I should go to that event"

Ever catch yourself SHOULDING all over yourself?? This one is a juicy lesson in obligation and how you can be more intentional in your life for yourself and others.


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Sep 20, 2019

Sometimes our responsibilities pile up and feel like they could drown us at any moment. It gets so overwhelming. Other peoples' agendas seem to be taking over our lives.

So, how do we deal with the hard, challenging days and situations?

This little lesson in perspective just might do the trick.



Sep 14, 2019

Every September brings a feeling of newness. Back to school energy and the changing of the seasons brings about feelings of needing to organize things, get ones' life in order, declutter, start a new chapter, etc.

But where do you start when it all feels so overwhelming?!

Dive in as Marie shares her TOP 10 tips for more...