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Live On Purpose

Feb 25, 2021


Cathleen Meredith and I had an INCREDIBLE conversation about all things SELF ACCEPTANCE and I'm so excited for you to listen to it!

We chatted about all things being a "fat woman" to self love, dance as a spiritual practice, breathwork, neuroplasticity,  psychoneuroimmunology, the body...

Feb 11, 2021

For every person ever who has obsessed over weight loss, weight gain, weight on a scale, losing weight, etc. etc. etc. THIS conversation is for you!

Alicia Wood is the founder and CEO of Camp Fuel, a wellness company that empowers individuals and teams to achieve their goals through movement, play, mindset and...

Feb 6, 2021

It's February, which has unofficially, officially been deemed as SELF LOVE MONTH! And I am soooo here for it! Any reminder we can get to show ourselves more compassion, grace, love and kindness, I am ALL ABOUT.

There's a reason I host my annual Self Love Club Wellness Group every single February!  We kick off FEB 15,...