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Live On Purpose

Apr 20, 2021

This conversation is the one I wish I would have heard before I spent 10 years on 6 different types of hormonal birth control, not knowing there was another option for me.


I had never heard of basal body temping, or cervical fluid and fertility awareness.


All I knew was that I had really painful periods, acne and other symptoms that hormonal birth control kinda sorta* helped to mask and that I didn't want to get pregnant, so I better stay on it...




It's called the Fertility Awareness Method and holy moly, more women need to know about this so they can implement it and take back their power!


Watch this video and if FAM strikes a chord with you, make sure to sign up for my KNOW YOUR FLOW PROGRAM asap and also go check out Joy's instagram page to learn more about working with her! She is a TREAT!


Joy Davis is an Anishinaabe Fertility Awareness Method Educator and Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner. Her company, Full Moon Fertility, helps to teach anyone how to chart their menstrual cycles for health, birth control or for conception. Joy's mission is to teach menstruators about their fertility and offer education that encourages them to embrace, rather than fear their fertility. 


If you'd like to reach out to her and schedule a free consultation, check out her website: or email her at


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