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Live On Purpose

Oct 13, 2022

This conversation is so timely.

Sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, connecting with your body in meaningful ways - these are all very real, important, day to day experiences and yet, often 'swept-under-the-rug-because-we're-scared-of-judgement' topics.

I truly feel that we are living in an age where the 'Divine Feminine" energy is rising and leading. And I am here for it! Feminine energy is nurturing, open, receptive, creative, loving and powerful.

And if you're like both Janessa and I, you too were probably raised in a society that taught you to suppress your sensuality, sexuality and deny pleasure. 

And because of this, we create restrictive, control-obsessed tendencies and habits in every other area of our lives, choking off the flow of Life. And our connection to ourselves and others.

Let's rewrite that narrative and get back to the truth of who we really are - playful spirits in physical bodies, meant to flow, enjoy + embody Love!

"In order to create the love that you desire with others, you must first create that within yourself." is that quote that stuck with me from this conversation.

Janessa Dalalana is an intimacy coach & mentor, group facilitator, bodyworker, dancer & artist, devoted to truth, love & beauty above all.

Her unique gift is to guide others to a life of true liberation by owning their desires shamelessly, creating secure & thriving relationships & embodying their highest expression unapologetically.

Janessa supports her clients with tools such as embodiment, nervous system regulation, conscious relating skills, shadow work & kink/bdsm, so they can step into their power as an erotic being & create a life of true wealth & fulfillment in all relations without compromising their pleasure.

To connect or work with Janessa, connect with her further in Instagram: @janessadalalana

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