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Live On Purpose

Oct 20, 2022

Supplementation is an incredible way to support your overall well-being in conjunction with a balanced lifestyle. But not all supplements are created the same.

I agree wholeheartedly with Max Marion, my guest on the podcast today, who believes "it should be done properly."

This conversation is an incredible reminder that you are 100% responsible for you and when you take charge of your health, you naturally improve your quality of life.

I've been using and loving Aqua Omega's algae-based Omega 3 supplements for the last few years and have noticed a major decrease in my overall inflammation. This is a BIG DEAL, as chronic inflammation is the root cause of MOST DIS-EASE today.

I only started taking Omega-3s seriously around 5 years ago when I sustained a brain injury from a concussion and needed to heal. I did my due dilligence researching options and stumbled upon an incredible Canadian company, Aqua Omega. Today, years after I began taking, enjoying and benefitting from Omega-3 supplementation, I got to have an enlightening conversation with the CEO. My main question for him: what does 'taking charge of your health' really mean and how can we do better?

Maxim Marion is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness. He is driven to innovate, create, educate, and bring transparency and ethics to a space craving it. His love for Omega-3s has led him and his team to develop the world's most concentrated oil in the absolute purest form. His mission of health and wellness has pushed his company to source directly from the raw material manufacturers in order to bridge the gap between "premium" professional products and commodity-level Omega-3 products. Max and the team at AquaOmega are committed to setting a new standard for Omega-3s, where efficacy and quality are prioritized first and foremost to give you and your family the absolute best.

Head to to grab yourself the highest quality, purest omega-3 oil products on the market. I love the algae based capsules as well as the high EPA formula. Use code MARIE20 at checkout to save yourself a sweet 20%

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