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Live On Purpose

Mar 11, 2020

I just celebrated my 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY as an online wellness coach. And I was reflecting recently, and kept coming to this same idea of how we can only connect the dots looking back.

We have NO WAY of seeing how it’s going to be looking towards the future. The only thing we can really control is staying open and moving daily towards the direction of our dreams. That’s it. It’s only looking back that you can connect the dots and go “oh right, that event or conversation was a turning point.” and “ooh! That mistake led to this realization, which then led me to do this other thing that led me here”. YOU CAN ONLY CONNECT IT LOOKING BACK. And in order to be able to look back, you have to TAKE THE STEPS FORWARD into the unknown. Strange paradox, right? Tune in to hear just what I'm talking about + get some quick, to the point inspo for your own growth journey.

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