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Live On Purpose

Jan 31, 2023

I LOVED today's conversation. Holly Duckworth is the real deal.

A psychotherapist with a PhD in psychology, an MS in management, and a BS in mechanical engineering, She is also a certified Level 3 (top level) Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) Practitioner. Trained by Dolores Cannon, she has practiced QHHT® for over 9 years. This woman is TUNED IN to the way our minds work. It was an honour to have a conversation with her.

A few more interesting tid bits from Holly's life?

She accomplished a 30 year career in aerospace and automotive manufacturing.
She navigated the emotional rollercoaster when her son went to jail in 'tent city'.
She studied directly under Dolores Cannon.
She wrote a book, Finding Purpose, after hundreds of QHHT sessions with clients.

This is one of those conversations where you will need to listen to again.

I am deeply inspired by this woman.

We chatted about some heavy hitting topics: the subconscious mind, the construct of time, dreams, the problem with talk therapy and everything in between.

If you enjoyed this conversation, please leave a review on iTunes and share this episode with your friends and family. Holly's mind is a gift and there are many who can benefit from hearing her speak.

Connect with Holly:

Instagram: @awarecaredurango


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