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Live On Purpose

Feb 14, 2023

This conversation is SO IMPORTANT, especially if you're a woman.

I LOVE chatting with empowered women about empowering topics like hormones, stress, blood sugar imbalances, burnout, hustle culture and autoimmune disorders.

"But Marie," you may be thinking, "those don't feel like very empowered topics."

Au contraire, mon ami. It is through living the seasons of each of these mentioned topics that both myself and today's guest were able to get to a place of healing and thriving.

"I now view my body as this incredible vessel that I am here to take care of."

Amy Kapeller is a Certified Functional Nutritionist and your high vibe guide to taking control of your hormones and falling in love with your body. She is passionate about all things holistic women's health and uses a root cause approach to help stressed out women increase energy, balance moods, ditch anxiety, optimize hormones, and live life on the same team as their own bodies again.

We chatted about the "badge of busy", using symptoms as guideposts, 3 things she swears by for unbridled health and so much more. This conversation is one I will personally revisit often as a reminder.

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