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Live On Purpose

Dec 12, 2019

This might be my favourite episode so far!! Bran and I go over in depth, our yearly reflection and goal setting retreat! This has been THE GAME CHANGER for us these last few years, and for the first time ever we are spilling the beans on what we go over during our 1-2 day retreat.

If you want to do your own end-of-year reflection retreat and want the beautiful, simple journal Marie had made that includes all of the questions, prompts and inspiration mentioned in this episode, simply email or DM @mariebarkerwellness for instructions on how to get your annual reflection and goal setting PDF downloadable journal sent to you.

OR you can simply send $15CAD to the following PayPal link, add your email address to the notes section and I'll send you the journal as soon as I get the notification!

Happy reflecting, friends!

xo Marie