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Live On Purpose

Apr 23, 2020

Social media can be DAUNTING. And for those of us who work on it, it can also be DISTRACTING and anxiety-inducing, with all of the changes, adjustments and new skills needed constantly to thrive in the online environment. Courtney Sjoberg cuts through all the fluff and gets right to the point: connecting with humans on social media intentionally through good quality hashtags (not "banned" or "blackhole" hashtags) is THE secret sauce. So important in fact, that she created an entire thriving business out of helping online entrepreneurs with hashtags for their businesses. The Hashtag Files is her online membership where her team handpicks thousands of good quality hashtags each month, picks out the no-longer-effective-ones, supplies stock photos, incredible trainings, "create your own" hashtag lists and more!

To check out The Hashtag Files and get 25% off, head to: THE HASHTAG FILES and enter "Marie25" at checkout!

Show notes and all links mentioned can be found at MBW SHOW NOTES