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Live On Purpose

Oct 22, 2020

Do you know what it feels like to be at war in your mind? At war in your body?
You feel so out of alignment it makes you sick?
You know you're compromising yourself and your values, but you don't feel worthy of standing up for yourself?
You're not sure where to turn, you just know that something has to change?
Today's conversation is for you, dear friend.
This is a gut-punch-loving-hug kinda pep talk and I can promise it'll leave you feeling better than before you pressed play.
Kelsey Low is a Self Love & Empowerment coach from Visalia, California. Over the past 6 years she has spent 32 months abroad. During these travels and experiences she came home to her own heart and personal power. She now works with women on overcoming procrastination & self-beat up and instead learning to meditate and take messy action. Kelsey has a podcast called 'Joyfully You' and a group coaching program called GLOW self love mastermind. Both of these outlets are ways Kelsey guides empathetic women in their self love journey.
And HOT DIGGITY, did we ever have a juicy conversation. Kelsey is an absolute RAY OF LIGHT and I'm so grateful she blessed us with her wisdom on the podcast today!

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