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Live On Purpose

Apr 10, 2021

Ever wondered why you energy is different at different times of the month? Or why sometimes you feel focused and can crush it, and other times, you feel like a brain-fried anti-social with no ambition?

Your cycle is your key to unlocking deeper peace and satisfaction in life.

Our world functions by a 24/7 clock. But as feminine beings, we won't work that way. Our cycles are actually around 21-35 days, regardless of if we are on hormonal birth control or not.

Yup. You still have a cycle. 

Oh, and the moon is directly correlated to it as well.

Curious? Tune in for this free workshop Marie hosted and if it resonates, SIGN UP FOR HER KNOW YOUR FLOW GROUP COACHING PROGRAM that begins 04/19/21.

DO ANY OF THESE RESONATE? If so, Know Your Flow Program is for you!

  • You've been struggling with your menstrual cycle (or lack of) for longer than you can remember.
  • You know you feel different during certain times of the month, but aren't sure why.
  • You feel overwhelmed and frustrated and often "power through" even though you're exhausted.
  • You want to get more done in less time, feel more energized and make peace with your body.
  • You want to learn how to track your cycle and get to know your body's rhythms and patterns.
  • You want to learn about natural birth control methods that actually work. #isthatevenathing
  • You want to learn what foods, supplements and movements will support your body during the different phases.
  • You value having someone experienced guide you and a supportive community of women to support you.
  • You are open to using a daily journal to track your cycle.
  • You would benefit from guided meditations that help you get in tune with your body.
  • You want to KNOW YOUR FLOW and take the guesswork out of your life so you can feel more confident, relaxed and at PEACE in your body!

READ MORE ABOUT KNOW YOUR FLOW HERE + use code FLOW25 to save $25 during the month of April!