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Live On Purpose

Nov 30, 2021

There is an overwhelming amount of information available on how to achieve the results you want. The common narrative seems to be "work harder, train more, eat less, push, grind, punish, sleep when you're dead" in order to get the results you want.

Marie, a women's wellness coach with a focus on mindfulness, cyclical living and feeling good, is here to debunk that and teach you how to get your best results (in every area) with a more easy-going approach.

In this interview from the Fit Chicks Transformation Conference, listeners will learn Marie's top 3 tips on how to use at home workout programs to get (and keep!) the results they want, for life! Because it's good to feel good. Marie is here to show you how.

You will hear about 3 main tips:
1) Finding your feel-good path instead of shoulding on yourself
2) Habit Stacking (what it is and how to)
3) Creating built-in accountability to feel supported along the way


The THREE gifts I mention mid-episode for you to take advantage of this holiday season:

1) Access the EXACT SAME 20 min./day (5 days a week) at home fitness program I will be doing for the month of December HERE. If you'd like to try out the sample workout before committing, you can check that out HERE.

2) Join me for a FREE Stress Less Class on Wed. Dec. 15 at 7pm CST. All you need is a journal , some headphones + your comfy clothes. We will be going over my favourite breathwork, meditation + journal exercises to unwind our nervous systems before the end of the year.

3) Grab my NEW Annual Reflection Journal (hardcopy!) and then join me on the morning of NYE for a complimentary Reflection Workshop on zoom! You can grab a coil-bound copy of your beautiful reflection journal HERE.

**In order to receive your journal by 12/31, you must live in CAN or USA and order by 12/15 (I will happily still send them after that, they just might not arrive until the New Year).